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Workshop Price's

Call out charge depending how far we need to travel.

Full stone and setup service £85.00 plus String's

Electrics start from £45.00




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This Bass has a standard scale neck at 34 Inches long. 

Like all our Guitars these Basses are made with hand selected solid Hardwoods. This helps produce a better tone and much more sustain compared to lower grade timbers.

We feel that sound is the most fundamentally important thing with all our instruments rather than looks and gimmicks. So we try to achieve the highest possible standards when constructing your Guitar.  

Unlike any other Guitars out there, ours are unique with the neck spliced in with a V into the body. This not only provides a larger surface area than say a bolt on neck, but also unlike a through neck it directs and forces the sound (resonation) to the bridge and pickups, for those all important longer bigger notes.

The Pickups on this Guitar are handmade and therefore customisable, with P-bass, Jazz Bass, Humbuckers, etc. As with all our pickups you tell us the sound and we will do our best to obtain it for you. 

There is also a wide choice in different Hardwoods and timbers that enables you to get different sounds, depending on what styles of music and sounds you’re trying to achieve. Such as: deeper harsher tones or maybe softer warmer tones,  (See our Timber section for more details)

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The guitar has a Spanish classic long scale neck at 26 and 1/8 inches long. We believe this provides a diverse sound range and ease of play more unique to us.

This is the first V neck insert model, this allows much higher sustain, directing the sound (resonation) to the bridge and pickups, for those longer crisper notes.

We hand select our timber and check the grain so your guitar brings you the best sound it can. With warm soft tones, a more rocky punchier zingier tone or a brighter sharp tone depending on your selection (please see timber for more details).

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The Marni Lead Guitar is a stunning piece of Artwork as well as Handcraftsmanship. With its Contrasting timbers, Sharp eye catching lines, Sexy curves and a petite waist. This allows the Guitar not only to be admired for its amazing sounds. But also to be noticed for just its sheer presence andgood looks.

This guitar is elegant and beautiful. Because its Handmade EVERY one is different, no two are identical. So the one you will own is unique to you.


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storey electric guitar


All Guitar Work Undertaken

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We are very sorry to see AVALON music close down after 26 year's of trading. Our workshop has been working with Avalon doing all there guitar repairs for many year and will still be offering the repair and service side hear at the workshop.