How I Started Working With Guitars

How I Started Working With Guitar
me with a white gibson
I started repairing guitars and the world famous  Andy's guitar workshop in London Denmark St in 1997.

My teacher was Tim Marten who was the roady and guitar tech for Led
Zeppelin and other many world class acts.

I had a great time there and worked with lots a famous names including 
 Terry Dean, Ray Davies from the Kinks and loads more.
As from Feb 2002 I started working with WD music for the renowned pickup maker Kent Armstrong, he is probably the best known man in his field and has made lots of great sounding pickups for many top guitarists including Jimmy Page and has even rewound pickups for Jimmy Hendrix!! I now also have a strong association Kent’s son 'Aaron Armstrong' who makes my own pickups in England.


So from 1997 to the present day my life has pretty much been dominated by guitars… making them from scratch, repairs, set ups, customising, on the road guitar tech, making parts, importing parts, tracking down vintage parts… even tracking down rare guitars for clients collections.

In short… if you do have a guitar related problem, there’s a very good chance that I can solve it for you.